Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SRC update

  1. IMU Rugby

    We will be having our AGM at 1.00pm to 1.30pm at the Jumbo cafe on Tuesday (28th April 2009). This AGM is to decide the committee members and the events that we will have for this year.

    Positions available and the duties expected of them.

    President- Responsible for overall running of the club
    Vice-President- Competition/ Events
    Secretary- Minutes of meetings/ Secretarial Jobs/ Maintains e mail account
    Treasurer-Manages all monetary needs including funds and collections
    Director of Public Relations-Maintains and updates Facebook account and blog and helps with overall promotion of rugby and the club
    Director of Membership-In charge of maintaining members list, recruitment drives and keeping existing members
    Director of Training and Development- In charge of monitoring attendance for trainings, and monitors progress as well as updates everyone on training schedules
    Quartermaster-Selection, purchase, maintenance of all equipment and also sources for training fields

    All those who want to run for positions MUST be present for the AGM unless they inform me prior to the meeting with good reason.

    Tuesday training we will be joining the IMU Swimming Club to have a water rugby session. Most likely we will be going over to use the Savanna pool so everyone meet at the atrium at 4.30pm along with the Swimming Club members.



  2. Refund for Library Photocopy card
    We agreed to refund to the student the balances & deposit of their OCE photocopy card. Library have to inform student to pass the card to library by 16/5/09 (thru email & notices). Library then compile the list and pass to finance to process. The collection of the refund will be at CO's. Can we target to refund to student by 22 May 2009.

We will be clearing out the Lost and Found items found last year and earlier this year. On 28 April 2009 (Tuesday), a booth will be set at the Atrium for students to claim their lost items from 10.00am to 12.00pm. Items which are not claimed after that would be sold from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. So this would be the last chance for the students to redeem their missing items.
Thanks a lot dears.

Yours sincerely,
Zia Shah
Incoming President

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wellness Appraisal Module

Hi guys,

This is an announcement made on behalf of the Community Medicine Faculty lecturers.

Currently, ME109 batch would be undergoing a Wellness Appraisal Module in which would be a part of their summative for EOS 2. With regards to this, the Community Medicine Faculty is looking for senior students as volunteer facilitators to conduct this Module.


It would be done in 2 shifts.

First shift would be on 30th and 31st of March from 4-6pm.

Second shift would be on 1st and 3rd of April from 4-6pm.

A training session would be conducted prior to those days on the 27th March (Friday) from 4 to 6 pm.

What will we do?

We would be facilitators in which we would handle the following stations:

Blood pressure taking stations

Height and Weight station

Waist Hip Ratio station

3-minute step station

Curl test station

Flex Test station

We would be assisting the juniors in performing those assessments and collecting data (e.g taking BP).

We will be conducting training session for all the facilitators on 27th March (Friday) from 4 to 6 pm.. So no worries if you don’t know what are those stations meant to be.


The facilitator positions are open to anyone of senior batches who are interested. Especially for the BP taking stations as the seniors have better experience.

We would need at least 15 facilitators from every batch for each shift.

Certificates will be given for those who attend the training sessions and at least one of the shifts.

Please register your names to your batch reps ASAP, as due date would be on this Wednesday 25th March.

For more information, feel free to contact me at 017-5112308 or victorwong87@gmail.com.




Friday, November 7, 2008

Renal Quiz

Just a quick note 'cos i'm certain we're all busy with summative
preps: Renal Quiz will be conducted this coming Tuesday.

We're currently on a shortage for teams. We've got ourselves one full
team and are lagging behind on three more. Our pathologists at uni,
Dr.'s Thani, Sri, Annie and Vijay have gone out of their way to give
us an additional opportunity to learn and further understand this
system- it'd be a shame if we were not there to utilise it.

So please guys, help me by getting your team of 4 set up. It doesn't
matter if you've participated in the quiz before... it's still fair
share. This is your opportunity to strut your stuff... if you've
always been a keen audience member and never had the chance (or
courage) to get down there and be involved first hand in the quiz.
What've you got to lose anyways?

Just drop me an e-mail or text letting me know if you're interested, I
can help you form a team if you're short a few members.

That's all for now, have a great day and happy studying!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change of Lecturer

As per mass e-mail and sms, some of you may already know of the following... but please pass it on to everyone else in our batch:

Acid-Base Balance lecture for tomorrow (Wednesday, 29th Oct) will be delivered by Dr.SFA, NOT PK.

Also take note that his notes will be up on the i-drive by tomorrow afternoon.

Toodles for now!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Msg from Infinity Milers

(Quoted from mass-sent e-mail):

Hello M107!

We, from Infinity Milers, would like to introduce you to one of the most highly awaited events of the year - the Genting Trailblazers! Unlike most runs, the Genting Trailblazers is a 2-man team adventure run, which combines both trail running and obstacle navigation through muddy terrain, jungle trails and much more, at 1500m above sea level. Located at the scenic, Awana Genting Highlands and its surrounding forest, competitors can choose to approach the run with all guns blazing, aiming for a Top 10 Finish (whereby you can win up to RM2000 in cash prize!) or just choose to enjoy the run with a friend, while soaking in what Nature and the trail has to give. Depending on what your traget is, there are 2 categories - Competitive and Adventure, with the Competitive category promising more lucrative prizes. Here are the details of the competition:

Venue: Awana Genting Highlands, Genting.
Date: November 2nd (Sunday) 2008
Price: RM268 per team (Competitive category), RM168 per team (Adventure category)
Closing date: October 15th (Wednesday) 2008

Also, IMU has tentatively agreed to subsidise a portion of the participation fees, making this competition relatively inexpensive, compared to other adventure races organised throughout the year.

I've enclosed the Entry Form for Genting Trailblazers in this email. If you have any enquiries, please contact myself, Ray Mun (012-679 9642) or visit the Genting Trailblazers website here. For those who intend to participate, please contact me by the morning of 15th October, Wednesday.

ray mun :)


Repro quiz tomorrow people!

At 4.15 pm!

Be there or be square :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Welcome back from the (simply too short) Raya break everyone!

These are the following updates to take note of:

1. Prof Ong's replacement lecture on Perinatal infections is confirmed to be on next Monday 13th October at 5.30pm, Audi A.

2. NMSs' lecture on Early Infant Development should be conducted on Monday (prior to the scheduled Prof Ong's lecture) instead of the timetabled Mr. Galy's lecture (as we've already had him deliver this).

3. The Repro Quiz has been confirmed for Tuesday 14th October at 4 pm after our PBL session.

That's all for now folks!
Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

Toodles Noodles